Pressed Flowers

pressed flowers

The first anniversary of my graduation for college has just recently passed and, like so many other twenty-somethings, I have been seeking refuge from adulthood.Hoping that a writing project will motivate my fickle ambitions, Advice from an Amateur was born.

My brief introduction has probably left you wondering, “Why would I take advice from an amateur?” While I am not an expert on politics,art, music, media, language, or design by any means, this does not mean that I will refrain from offering my two cents. In doing so, I hope not only to evolve my own writing skills and opinions, I hope to document my emotions throughout my new experiences like one preserves fragile petals between the pages of a thick novel.

I believe that through writing, we (as in ‘the literate’) are granted a profound medium through which we have limitless possibilities of expression. Obviously not every story is worth sharing. (I know from sharing too many.) Hopefully none of those weeds will creep their way into the creases of my metaphorical memoirs, but getting the bad ideas out is as important as recounting the good. Who better to understand the value of scraping one’s knees than an amateur?



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